April 1st, 2011

Do you have a question pertaining to the arts, leading a ministry team or training/mentoring those God has entrusted to you? Feel free to ask questions here! This is where we all grow together. Here are some training scenarios and suggestions for your use…

Question: I overheard some of the girls on my arts team talking about our leader. They were disappointed with where the choreography was going and felt they could do a better job. How do I handle this properly?

Answer: First, I would approach the girls and let them know you overheard their conversation. Next, I would bring to their attention that they were sowing bad seed, that God had put their leader in the position of knowing the vision for their team and that any ideas or suggestions they had would be best brought to the leader directly, not gossiped about behind his/her back. Lastly, I would say, “let’s go together right now to our leader and bring your suggestions for him/her to hear”. This keeps you from being a tattletale and also gently corrects your teammates in love.

Question: The leader of our team has asked my best friend to do a solo when I was the one who suggested adding a solo part to our recent presentation. Why wasn’t I the one chosen?

Answer: This goes back to Exodus 36 – God told Moses to appoint Bezalel and then Oholiab for the building of the sanctuary. They were very skilled, and I believe very Godly men. They were then to oversee the rest of the skilled laborers and also the people with a heart to help. Your leader has been set in place by your oversight to lead your group. He/She has an anointing and a given position of authority from your pastor/leadership. It is his/her job to hear from God and make the decisions that will best please the Lord and bring about His purpose and plan for that presentation. You felt led to suggest the addition of a soloist and it fit the vision. However, trust the Lord’s guidance for your leader as to whom should go in that role of soloist. Keep your heart right. Pray for your friend that she will shine for Jesus in her given role. Who knows? Perhaps it will be you chosen for the next solo. It all depends upon how you handle this situation right now. You can approach your leader with a humble spirit and let him/her know you would be interested in doing a solo at some time. This will let them discuss with you any reasons why you were not ready at this time. Let your heart be open to any correction or direction given. It may be a season of further training – in skill or in humility. Not everyone can be the soloist; make sure your motives for wanting to be one are pure.

If you have questions, feel free to use the comment form below and I will answer you as soon as possible. Let’s all grow together in Him!

In His Love,

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